AgFlex Bags in field

Tough. Strong. Versatile

AgFlex Bags represent the best in field storage solutions. Featuring SmartStructure technology, your choice of an AgFlex storage bag to protect your grain and silage assures you of a high performance solution offering increased strength, greater puncture and tear resistance, and the utmost in peace of mind.

50% greater tear and puncture strength compared to traditional 3 layer bags

40% more resistant to “slumping”

All-weather design: field tested and proven performance for use in the harshest winter climates as well as high heat situations

Improved oxygen-limiting properties to protect silage and grains from spoilage

Guarenteed to withstand UV exposure
<120 kLy  : 24M
121-160 kLy : 18M
161-200 KLy: 12M