Filling AgFlex storage bags in the field is easy with modern high capacity silage baggers, grain baggers. This saves time, labour, storage and fuel costs.

AgFlex agricultural bags are compatible with all silage baggers, grain baggers and high capacity grain bag extractors.

The AgFlex range is fully recyclable.


The science, chemistry and extrusion technologies we employ combine to deliver SmartStructure technology manufacturing processes that ensure all mechanical aspects of our films are maximised resulting in reliable, stable, high performing products that create ideal ensiling and storage conditions.

With SmartStructure technology, each layer of polymer provides resistance to tears, punctures and rigidness to prevent slumping.

Technical Specifications 





5' (1.52m) 60m 200 16
6.5' (1.98m) 60m 200 12
8' (2.44m) 75m 200 8
9' (2.74m) 60m 225 10
9' (2.74m) 75m 225 8
10' (3.05m) 75m 225 6
12' (3.66m) 75m 238 6