Machinery advice

The quality of the bagging machine is an essential part of using the AgFlex bag in the best way.

  • Make sure machinery is clean before the bags are used to prevent the spread of grain pests from one bag to another.
  • When filling begins, the grains that enter the bag will start to push the bagging machine and tractor forward, so by using the brake, the grains put more pressure on the bag and push air out.
  • It is always important to have uniform pressure along the bag. Ground surface also has an effect on pressure, and machinery should have even braking and good grip to both wheels, whatever the terrain. The centre of the hopper should be in line with the centre of the brake wheel’s axle.
  • When using big trailers, a machine with a high capacity loader should be also used. This allows for efficient working and less interruptions in filling. Filling augers with a high diameter and low revolutions have a higher load capacity, while being gentle on the grain.
  • The bag pan tray should be wider than the folds of the bag and should not have rough edges.
  • As bagging machines are continuously moving, make sure all safety procedures are adhered to.
  • When unloading the harvest, a front-end loader can be used. Place a length of film on the ground so that the unloading machine can rest on it.
  • As the AgFlex bag is being emptied, cut the bag away to expose the contents of the next part of the bag.