Why AgFlex


The AgFlex range is:

  • All-weather designed and field tested for use in the harshest winter climates as well as high heat situations
  • Guaranteed to withstand UV exposure under normal circumstances
  • Improved oxygen-limiting properties to protect silage and grains from spoilage


AgFlex’s SmartStructure technology allows for:

  • Temperature reduction
  • Tear resistance
  • Puncture resistance
  • Stiffness
  • UV protection


AgFlex silobags can be used for all kinds of storage:

  • Dry or wet grains
  • Crimped grains
  • Silage
  • Industrial by-products such as malt, bran etc.




AgFlex bags are not permanent structures, giving the flexibility of storage in the field or anywhere on the farm. AgFlex can be spaced close together, optimising the use of available space.


A variety of AgFlex bags size means that storage capacity can be created depending on the size of the harvest of the amount of feed required throughout the year, enabling farmers to easily increase storage capacity if the harvest yield is high. Different silage qualities can be stored separately, with better quality crops being stored separately from those of lower quality.


AgFlex offers a wider moisture range than traditional storage, farmers are less dependant on the weather. Crimped grains do not have to be dried first, and harvesters will not be delayed waiting for trucks or free storage capacity. Higher efficiency in harvesting means that fields can be available earlier for the next crop.

Low cost

By using grain bags, there is no need to invest in permanent, inflexible, fixed structures.

Alternative uses

AgFlex bags can also be used for storage of solid fertilisers or compost. They can even be used as a retaining wall when filled with sand or soil, or as a temporary water reservoir.