1. Lower the bag cradle/lift and bag pan to the lowest setting 



2. Position the grain bag box with the correct side towards the tunnel (indicated on the box lid) 



3. Open the box 



4. Position the bag so that the leading edge sticker is at the beginning of the bag 



Helpful hint: when pulling from outside stack folds, the folds should appear black side towards you, white side towards machine tunnel 



5. Hang the bag on the bag lift so that the logo/stretch indicator will appear in the 10 o'clock or 2 o'clock position on the bagger tunnel. This will help ensure proper stretch indication on the plastic. If the logo is positioned differently, improper stretch indications may be presented and bag failure may result. Warranty is invalid if bag is positioned incorrectly and



6. Raise lift and gently slide bag into position where it can be secured within the bag pan



7. Slide upper portion of the bag as far onto tunnel as possible or to the machine manufacturer’s recommended position



8. Slide bag into space provided in bag pan and raise bag pan slightly



9. Be sure there are no wrinkles in pan area and that there are equal amounts of slack on either side of pan at base of tunnel