Silage Filling Instructions

Positioning the bag

Position the box with the correct side towards the tunnel 

For silage, ensure the black folds are facing the tunnel 

Mounting the bag

Slide the bag onto the lift 

Raise the lift gently 

If the bagger has no lift, use a fork lift 

Ensure the logo/stretchindicator is positioned at 10 o'clock or 2 o'clock 

Slide the upper part of the bag as far on to the tunnel as possible 

Ensure the bottom of the bag is on the bag pan 

Untie all the bag ties then raise the pan to the correct operating position 

Check that the bag has no obstructions from the machine 

The sticker shows which way to pull the bag out 

Pull an equal length of the bag from each side 

Ensure the bag is wrinkle-free and squared to the tunnel 

Tie off at 2 locations several inches apart 

Fold the end under the bag to secure 

Add the grid to the end of the machine 

Ensure the bag is free of wrinkles when filling 

Protect the sides of the bag during filling

Filling the bag

Pay close attention at the start of bag filling 

The bag could easily overstretch 

The silage will fill the bag and push the tractor forwards 

Breaking power is influenced by the weight of the tractor, the surface of the ground, outside temperature and the product itself

Heavier or moist crops will stretch the bag more

Check the stretch marker located next to the logo

Use the ruler provided to measure 2-3 logos back from the bagger

The red part of the ruler means the bag is overstretched

Fill the bag continuously to reduce bumps